5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Reception

5 Really Easy Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Reception

by Houston Venues Org

Still trying to figure out what your wedding style actually is? Our Special Event Coordinator, Marvin Henderson, can give you many ideas on how to create a unique wedding reception (even with a small budget). He can help you to discover your wedding vision— he even gets in touch with your preferred vendor contacts and makes sure that everything goes smoothly— just as you envisioned.

1. A little Fabric can do magic - Drape our Windows

Window drapery for venue

It's incredible what a little fabric can do! Keep it formal and elegant with white fabric, or if you prefer a fun vibe, opt for a bright color like red or blue. In this way, you can go with some minimalist table décor and still get the same decked-out reception look.

2. Take Advantage of our Seasonal Décor


Would you like to save some money but still enjoy the beauty of amazing décor? Then, go with the seasons! If you plan to have a small reception, use our beautiful space on the first floor. Every Christmas, we adorn this space with warm colors and holiday décor. Take advantage of these amenities, and you’ll have extra money to focus on other details of your special event.

3. Are you into...GLAMOUR…then this is the perfect space for you!

IMG_3072 (1).jpg

Celebrate in an elegant setting with real crystal chandeliers. You can enhance the venue’s beauty with additional crystal-like structures.

4. Just a chair? Use it as part of your decor!


Think chairs are just for sitting on? Think again! Integrate the colors of the space into your decor, and keep your expenses low (as the chairs are included in our rental packages). You can also rent some chair covers or different chairs to create a completely different ambiance.


Our flexible Special Event Coordinator helps you to create the right atmosphere for your Special Day!

5. Make our piano part of your décor

Do you love music? Do you know someone who plays piano?


Take advantage of our beautiful pianos and make it part of your wedding décor. It is also a beautiful piece for your romantic photo shoot before the guests arrive.

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